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Colin Anderson

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What a day this will be! [Feb. 3rd, 2007|11:26 am]
Colin Anderson
[mood |happyhappy]

I never post on here but I thought it deserved one, and I am pretty sure Meaghan will be the only one to reply. But it is out anniversary and out love her very much. That's pretty much all I wrote in the card, she know how much I care for her though. Tell her all the time! She bought me a fucking DS though, what a girl!

That's pretty much it on my end, we have a wonderful day of events lined up, breakfast, or brunch rather, then Stavanger, then Pizza Delight!

Love you Meaghan

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so yeah [Jul. 2nd, 2006|01:49 am]
Colin Anderson
I love this girl named Meaghan. She is pretty awesome and I will be living with her very soon. i might see girls around and all that. but none such as her....LOVE!
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long time alright [Dec. 18th, 2005|01:58 am]
Colin Anderson
[mood |boredbored]
[music |the dears - we can have it]


I never post in livejournal, so I thought I might post here for something to do. Maybe some random person with the same interests as me will leave a comment or something. That would be cool, to have friends from around the world.

Anyways, I am back in Grand Falls-Windsor now and I am relaxing. School is over with and I think I did alright in my exams. I miss the girlfriend a nice bit, but like she says, it's only 3 weeks, and that is a lot better then 4 months. So I will have to put up with it. :)

I am watching the Shining here now. What a fucked up movie, Jack Nicholson at his best. The chick is pretty scary though with her big teeth and crazy googly eyes. I wish Stanley Kubrick were still alive, it would have been interesting to see what he would have came up with.

Don't have much music on this comp as my one in St. John's, but I downloaded some more stuff. I downloaded Feist's Let It Die album and I am prepping to go see the show with Shaggy and Meaghan on January 13th. That should be pretty fucking cool. I also downloaded the Dears album No Cities Left and I must say that it is great indeed. "We Can Have It" is one of the best songs ever! What a great song. I also watched the KCRW show they did on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Watched the Interpreter tonight and it was a pretty great movie. Makes me want to know more about politics and the troubles of Africa. Same thing goes for Hotel Rwanda, which was a crazy movie that makes you want to think, "what can i do to help out over there?"

Anyways....that's pretty much it. Maybe I will start updating this more. Later people. Have a happy holidays!

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pinesol [Jul. 25th, 2005|01:02 pm]
Colin Anderson
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |sufjan stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts]



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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2005|09:01 am]
Colin Anderson
[mood |anxiousanxious]

i am very anxious to see my girlfriend!

happy birthday meaghan
god bless you this day
You gave me the gift of a wonderful girlfriend
and i am proud of you today
meaghan it's your birthday
happy birthday meaghan
meaghan it's your birthday
happy birthday meaghan
I wish you love and goodwill
I wish you peace and joy
I wish you better than your heart desires
And your first kiss from a your wonderful boy
meaghan it's your birthday
happy birthday meaghan
meaghan it's your birthday
happy birthday meaghan

i love you meaghan. happy birthday :) thanks simpsons
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2005|08:23 pm]
Colin Anderson
i miss my girlfriend quite a bit :( it's lonely sometimes whenever no one else wants to hang out. icould always count on her to entertain me and keep me company...

sighCollapse )
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i dunno... [Jun. 8th, 2005|09:57 pm]
Colin Anderson
[mood |numbnumb]

i really ahve no idea what's wrong with me lately. i think i long to be alone. sometimes i just want to turn off my cell and close msn and irc and just isolate myself and really not talk to anyone. sometimes i think that would be the best idea, that way i won't get pissed at people or feel anything for anyone, i will only think and slip in a deep sleep.

sigh. blah.....
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pizazzzzz [Jun. 5th, 2005|04:18 pm]
Colin Anderson
[mood |indestructable]

i haven't updated this since october 17th, 2004. that is quite a while indeed. i don't have many friends yet, but i am doing well with it i guess. i don't really have a scheme or anything, just the normal one. maybe i will change it when i get a little more used to this whole livejournal thing.

some things that i want to do in the next while:
learn to use fruity loops
learn the ins and outs of photoshop
record some songs
practice singing
do well in intercession
continue waiting for my girlfriend to come back
hang out with people i haven't hung out with in a while
make new friends
chill with the old ones

that's pretty much it for this post. exciting life i lead. i haven't updated in like 8 months and i have nothing else to say.

haha...oh well
peace out

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no real subject [Oct. 17th, 2004|03:29 am]
Colin Anderson
i really have nothing to say right now except i do believe i am going to ramble on about absolutely nothing relevant. like how i could care less about using capslock unless i am excited about something or i really want to emphasize something. i use "hahahaha" instead of "lol" cause i am not really down with internet lingo like "u @ 4 2nite" and "pwned". these are silly remarks which i really don't use ever and annoy me sometimes. it's all good though, i can tolerate lots of things so it doesn't really matter whether you talk like that.

i don't have a mouse with a wheel in it. i somehow feel ostracized because of this. but i do have a wheel mouse lying on my desk that i could very easily hook up....but i have grown close with my mouse, even the logo on the front of it has worn off during it many uses. that's dedication to a mouse! yeah...the other one has a wheel but it is a generic microsoft mouse....pfft on those...wave those right off...anyways...

current music right now is jeff buckley, what are artist....too bad he is dea :(
if you have ever heard of this guy and want to check out more info...go to http://www.jeffbuckley.com .it's a great site with lyrics and stuff. has tabs too....mmmmmmm...tabs....guitar tabs that is. sucks that he died thoguh...he drowned in the mississippi river...he went swimming with his clothes on...get this he was a PROFESSIONAL SWIMMER! goes to show you that you shouldn't swim with clothes on...cause you very well might drown...and that would suck. but yeah....check him out!

i guess that's it...imma head to bed after this album....rock out with the motherfucking cock out!!! :)

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talk!!! [Oct. 15th, 2004|11:41 am]
Colin Anderson
Yeah...i really have no idea what the hell I am doing with this. I am just going with the flow to speak. Here now wondering what in the name of god I am going to have to eat. Hot dogs would b pretty amazing right now with some toasted buns and some BBQ sauce. But alas i have none of the above. except the BBQ sauce, which isn't very appealing when nothing else is with it.

I would say that I am going to skip dinner and watch a movie. I am down to 2 choices and they are Memento or Reservoir Dogs. I am leading towards reservoir dogs...but I dunno.....hrmmmmm....to watch or not to watch.

Anyways, had a fucking lab today and my partner never showed up which is a real bitch cause i had to do it all by myself. It wasn't hard to now but it's the fact of the matter that pisses me off.

Yeah...that's about it right now...Memento it is!

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